Undergraduate Course

Typically, an undergraduate degree qualification is taught and awarded by a university and defines higher or advanced level of learning than GCE Advanced Level.

A GCE Advanced Level holder needs to complete a bachelor degree at least before he/she become a graduate. Before the completion, the student is under or below graduation, and hence the start of the study is called undergraduate degree.

Most of the undergraduate degrees lead to an honours degree in 3 years. However, students who complete a foundation programme which is at level 4 or level 5 may qualify for exemptions from the 1st year or 1st & 2nd year of the relevant degree programme and choose to do top up for the remaining credits.

In Scotland, Bachelor Degrees normally last 4 years and some of them are even called MA (Master of Arts) though they are honours degrees.

Popular subjects: Undergraduate degree course

Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Business Studies, Business Management, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Computer Networking, Digital Media, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Finance, Health & Social Care, Hospitality, International Business, Human Resource Management, International Relations, IT, Journalism, Law, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Nursing, Pharmacology, Project Management, Psychology, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Social Work, Sociology, Software Engineering, Telecommunications, Tourism. There are wide ranges of other subject areas international students may wish to pursue.


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